How do I find a Guru?

The shaastras speak volumes about the greatness and importance of the Guru. Earlier yugs saw the transference of gyan only through one way – from the Guru to the shishya. For if gyan could be imbibed by just reading books or listening to discourses, the Guru would not have been given the supreme place in all the yogic and tantric practices.

At Dhyan Foundation, we preserve and nurture the ancient Guru Shishya Parampara, where gyan is channelised from the Guru to the shishya as per the capacity of the shishya, keeping the relationship strictly sanitized of commerce (Maya).

Sanatan Kriya

Most yoga courses in the market focus on asans and breathing techniques which are only 2 of the 8 limbs of Ashtang Yog, as given by Sage Patanjali. Sanatan Kriya encompasses all the eight limbs in totality making for complete well-being.

What also makes Sanatan Kriya truly genuine and effective is the fact that it is completely sanitized of commerce. In fact, this is what renders all the “yoga courses” that are sold in the market ineffective. Yoga is a sadhna, not a business.


A mantra is a codified form of energy. The correct chanting of mantras under the guidance of the siddha (Guru) brings about manifestation of thoughts and desires, and even of devs and devis.
When you chant a mantra you are creating a ripple in the depths of your consciousness.  When a mantra is given by a guru it has the ability to take you a dimension which is higher dimension than where you are.

Vedic Havans

 A havan is a medium to interact with gods and goddesses. The practice involves making oblations to fire along with specific chants.

The fire having the ability of transformation can transform the physical into the subtle and the mantras have the ability to manifest the ability and power of devas in the physical world and also have the power and ability to control nature and normal human physical lives.

Surya Sādhanā

Surya Sadhanna is a sadhanna all by itself. What you focus on will be reflected in you; you become it….

Spiritual Healing

Clairvoyance is an age old science practiced and mastered by our ancients long before we had these modern day equipments and modern science to detect diseases. Clairvoyance is a sense over and above our 5 senses. As per the ancients all of us have the capacity to develop up to 16 senses and Clairvoyance is one such developed sense which some of us have. It is the ability to see the spectrum of colours that exists around every individual in this creation. It is a reflection of the panch tattwas.

Karma cleansing and Sevā

Creation, like anything else that is orderly, rests on certain fundamental laws which cannot be broken; law of karma being the foremost. Even the Gods are bound by this law and no one is over it.
The modern man who insists on his superiority over nature and who foolishly tries to defy the laws of nature to create a utopian world for himself is stuck in the spiral of devolution. The result is visible if you look at today’s youth who wear thick glasses, have bent spines, grey hair, improper digestion, addiction towards machines and an artificial life.

Why? The answer lies in the law of Karma. What you sow, so shall you reap. The more you collect, the more pain you accumulate. A simple solution to the above maladies is to work with the law of karma rather than against it.