Nadi Shodanam (alternative nostril breathing)

What is Yoga?


Yoga, simply put, is union in, and union with, all spheres of life. One does not have to renounce this world and go to the mountains. A practitioner of yoga can lead the life of a householder, executing all his or her responsibilities towards the family and the society.

It is the science of Creation, often called the final frontier, for it opens doorways not just to this world, but also that which lies beyond and controls and directs what happens in the physical dimension. Yoga helps unlock the phenomenal potential that lies hidden in a being.

Manifestation of thought, health, beauty, glow, attraction are among the basic siddhis of Yoga under the guidance of a Guru.

Why do Yoga?

Though the purpose of yoga is atmasakshatkar or self-realisation, there are various by-products as you move up the ladder towards realising yourself or to say being in yoga.

Yoga is an experience and not a subject of the intellect. Yoga works on all aspects of a person; physical, vital, mental, financial, emotional, psychic and spiritual.

Only when all the aspects are in a state of balance does a being experience liberation, perfect harmony. The aim of yoga is the awakening of the Kundalini for liberation from bondages.

Sanatan Kriya

Most yoga courses in the market focus on asans and breathing techniques which are only 1/4th of Ashtang Yog, as given by Sage Patanjali. Sanatan Kriya encompasses all the eight limbs in totality making for complete well-being.

In Dhyan Foundation we do not charge any money for our sessions because Yog cannot be bought or sold in the market.